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campground policies

Below, please find our campground policies. Our policies are in place to ensure a pleasant, fun, and safe camping experience for all our campers.

State of New Hampshire Firewood Ban!

Please do not bring firewood from out of state.

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quick facts

  • Camping season: May 1st through October 19th

  • Tent, Pop-Up and RV sites available

  • Family-friendly

  • RV & Golf Cart rentals available

  • Canoe & Kayak rentals available

  • Pet-friendly (current rabies certificate required)

  • Seasonal camping with winter storage

  • Activities, events and themed weekends

  • Swimming, boating and fishing

  • Free WiFi Hot Spot

Quick Facts
  • General
    - Drive slowly, 5 MPH. Licensed drivers only. - Quiet hours are 11pm – 8am. Please report disturbances as they occur so we can address the situation immediately. - Children under 13 years old must be at their site by 9pm, unless with an adult. - Children under 14 must have adult supervision in swimming areas. - Children under 16 must have helmet when riding bicycle per State law. - Visitors must register at office upon arrival (fees apply) and may not bring pets. - Campers are responsible for the fees and conduct of their visitors. - Please respect the private property of neighbors. No trespassing or cutting through sites. - Properly dispose of all trash in dumpster. Trash bags are provided for your convenience in the Store. - Trolling (electric) motors only in the lake. - PROHIBITED: fireworks, firearms, illegal activities, ATV's, mopeds, motorized scooters, etc. - Golf Carts: We have golf carts for rent or customers may bring their own carts as long as they show a proof of insurance and follow our Golf Cart Policy (see below). Please inform the office that you will be bringing in a cart when you come so you can sign our policy.
  • Campsites
    - One family and one camping unit per site (4 adult max/site). - Campfires are subject to the State of NH current fire dangers. No Out of State Firewood Allowed. Please purchase where you burn. - Fires are permitted in firepits only and may not exceed height of 2 feet. Logs must fit in the firepit metal grate or ring. - Never leave your fire unattended. - Do not move fireplaces. - No cutting of firewood at your site. - PROHIBITED in firepits – pallets/building lumber with nails, long logs, cans, bottles or garbage/trash. - No cutting, nailing or defacing of campground trees/shrubs. - Campsites must be kept neat and cleaned, free of litter. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee of $25-$50 if the site is not clean of trash & debris upon departure (checkout).
  • Pets
    - Visitors may NOT bring pets into the campground. - Pets must be on a 6-foot or less leash at all times and are not to be left unattended at your campsite. - A current rabies vaccination is required for all pets. You must show proof upon arrival, or the pet will not be allowed in the campground. Please, non-aggressive dogs only at Autumn Hills Campground. - Clean up after your pet. We have pet clean-up stations throughout the entire campground for your convenience. - We provide a Dog Park for your pet to play, be loose and enjoy themselves, but please pick up after them with the pet station provided in the Park. - Do not bring your pet inside the pool fencing or into the playground/sandbox areas. - Please consider leaving anxious pets at home so fellow campers do not have to listen to your barking dog.
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